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MOC Technology Services and Support is now on Twitter! Follow us @mocinfotech for service updates or to request support.

Meet the MOC Technology Services and Support Team

The Technology Services and Support (TSS) department is here to support all students, faculty, and staff. We support all of Mount Olive College’s locations, including Goldsboro (SJAFB), Research Triangle Park, Wilmington, Washington, New Bern, and Jacksonville.

The Director of Technology, Ken Davis, oversees operations of the TSS department. He is also responsible for all database integration, business intelligence, and reporting at the college. He also assists the Executive Vice President with technology related topics that affect strategic planning and operations.

The Director of Technology Support, Robert "Bob" Pruett, oversees Systems Support and all procurement of Technology related equipment. He assists the Executive Vice President and Director of Technlogy with technology related topics that affect strategic planning and operations. 

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System Administrator, Gary Cox is responsible for maintaining the student information system at the college, PowerCampus. He also assists with other database-related support and development.

The Systems Administrator, Richard Orr, is responsible for all networking at the college including the college's Internet connections, core networking infrastructure, wireless access points, phone network connectivity, connections between sites, and all media infrastructure. He is responsible for media integration, manages the techlology in the video conferencing rooms rooms located in the Communications Building. 

The Systems Integrator, Mike Brashear, is responsible for maintaining the college's domain, virtual servers, physical servers, storage appliance, and e-mail systems.  Mike also provides programming and scripting support for Active Directory account provisioning.

Ryan Lewis, George Griggs, and Ashely Wilson are the Systems Support technicians. Systems Support is considered "Tier One" support. They troubleshoot and maintain desktops, laptops, and printers for faculty and staff. They also assist students with issues ranging from passwords to computer hardware issues with assistance from our two student workers. Ricky is also responsible for the college's issue tracking system, Footprints.

The Online Coordinator, Joyce Devonshire is responsible for all things related to the college’s Learning Management System, Moodle. She supports students and staff members in troubleshooting and using Moodle. She also manages the lab in the Communications Building.

The Webmaster, David Lee Bourgeois III, is responsible for branding and the end-user experience of the MyMoc portal. He also trains faculty and staff members how to post portal content and how to target this content to specific portal audiences.

What Mount Olive College IT Does

All Students

We will help troubleshoot connectivity issues with core MOC services (Gmail, Moodle, Self-Service, and the MOC webpage). We will also assist with forgotten passwords and usernames.

We do not provide walk-in support for non-resident students.

Resident Students Only

We will remove spyware or viruses free of charge. In some cases, the computer may need to be reformatted. In this case, the student will be responsible for providing operating system discs to load back onto the computer. The MOC IT department will backup documents for students, but is not responsible for any music, movies, or pictures lost during the reformat. It is the student’s responsibility to back up items not related to MOC coursework.

We will fix hardware-related problems with no labor cost to the student, however the student must provide parts to fix the problem. MOC IT will assist the student in finding a source for the part.


We will completely maintain college-owned computers in offices, classrooms, and labs.

We will completely maintain college-owned printers, including toner and ink.

We do not provide walk-in support for personal faculty/staff computers.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide support for computers with operating systems older than Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4.